Masked Cowboy is HERE!

He’s here! He’s here! Jacob, the Masked Cowboy, released today!

Let’s all take a moment to admire his fine . . . face.

Yeah, he’s got a great . . . face.

I made a book trailer for him, too! You can see it in all of its glory at Scorching Reviews!

I’ll be doing some highly irregular blogging. Mostly Aug. 8th at Romance University. I’ve got some events coming up at the end of August in Chicago and St. Louis. Be on the look out for those!

What are people saying about Masked Cowboy?

“4.5 Stars! The story catches you from the start as Ms. Anderson weaves a tale of mystery and Indian lore that surrounds the reservation. I am excited to see where this story is going; I love the White Sandy area and those that live there.”–Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

“4 Stars! This is a couple who don’t have an easy path to love but it is a love you know will last as it is built on mutual respect and need plus a good dose of friendship… I really enjoyed it.  I’m ready for more in the series especially…  Nobody!!!”–Book-a-Holic Anon

“4 StarsMasked Cowboy is a perfect addition to the series. I love Sarah M. Anderson’s style and the unique characters she creates.”–Swept Away by Romance 

“4 Stars! MASKED COWBOY is one exceptional book!  I was so impressed with Sarah M. Anderson’s writing talent.  How she crafted such a deeply emotional, high impact story is very impressive.  Jacob and Mary Beth are characters you quickly fall in love with, the secondary characters of Kip and Robin make this book outstanding reading experience.”–Mystic Reviews  

“4 Stars! Once again, Sarah M. Anderson delivers a lovely contemporary, one that is both sweet and sexy, fun and a little bit mysterious. With Masked Cowboy she gives a twist on the usual “cowboy” story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!–The Book Queen


  1. Sarah M. Anderson says:

    Thanks, Melissa!!

    Derry, I am *actively* working on Nobody, but we don't have a firm release date for him. I'm typing as fast as I can–that man really needs a happily-ever-after!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Ms Anderson. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your White Sandy series. I've recommended it to several friends and on a few of the boards I frequent. Your writing style and flow are exquisite. It's the kind that makes me get that really goofy sappy high school girl grin and I'm a 40 something year old 🙂 I can't wait to read Nobody's story. From the bits and pieces in Rebels & Jacobs books, his is going to be a great ride. Looking forward to him getting (hopefully) a whole lot of down right chatty.

  3. Sarah M. Anderson says:

    Hi Michelle!

    Wow! Your note made my Sunday morning! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

    It looks like Nobody will be May/June of 2014. I'll have a better idea of the exact date by the end of the year but I'm working on it, I promise! I can't wait for him, too–although he's still proving to be a remarkably non-talkative guy!!

    Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great day!

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