Maggie Chase

Sarah writes steamy western historical romances under the pen name Maggie Chase.

Maggie's books are HOT! If that's not your style, no problem.  You can head back to the Books page.

Welcome to the Jeweled Ladies!

Brimstone, Texas, is home of the world-famous Jeweled Ladies. The finest brothel this side of the Mississippi, the Jeweled Ladies is hosted by Mistress. She will be delighted to match you up with a Jewel. No matter what your tastes run to, she has a highly skilled Jewel for you.

"One of the most amazing erotica series I have ever read." - Erin Penn, Goodreads

His Topaz 

(The Jeweled Ladies #1)

Their Emerald 

(The Jeweled Ladies #2)

Her Ebony

(The Jeweled Ladies #3)

His Sapphire 

(The Jeweled Ladies #4)

His Crown Jewel

(The Jeweled Ladies #5)

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His Diamond

(The Jeweled Ladies #6)

Miss Sapphire's Wedding Night

A Jeweled Ladies Short: (The Jeweled Ladies #4.5)

The Jeweled Ladies Vol. 1

Topaz / Emerald / Ebony

The Jeweled Ladies Vol. 2

Sapphire / Mistress / Diamond

Bonus Short: Miss Sapphire's Wedding Night