Me! At ALA! And in a Play!

Hey! Are you going to ALA (that’s the American Library Association, yo) next week in Chicago, Illinois?

Me, too! I’m going to be signing from 9 to 10 a.m. Sunday, June 30 at the RWA booth. I’ll have on a hat, sexy men on buttons, and generally we’ll have more fun than should be allowed for that early on a
Sunday morning!

I’ll be signing copies of Straddling the Line and talking about the Bolton Brothers as well as Mystic Cowboy and Masked Cowboy. Plus . . . did I mention the buttons?

So come see me! Afterwards, I plan on wandering around like a googly-eyed tourist. I’ve never been to an ALA. So come on, librarians! Show me what you’ve got!

After that, well . . . stay tuned! I got a role in the Quincy Community Theater’s production of 9 to 5. I’m Roz, the office snitch! I sing a big torch song and irritate every other single character on stage. Trust me when I say this–my performance is shameless. I have no pride. I will do anything for a laugh!

So if you’re in or near Quincy from July 11 through the 21 (yes, there’s that many opportunities to see me be a brazen hussy) get a ticket and come see me!

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