Bringing Home the Bachelor is available now!

Bringing Home the Bachelor is here! Yippee!

Oh, Billy–such a hearbreaker!

I’ll be doing a reading at Bailey’s Fudge in Quincy, IL., on Sept. 17 at 6:30, so I hope to see you there! I’ll also be on WGEM Radio on Sept. 10 at 9 am.

Then I’ll be at Lady Jane’s Salon in Naperville, IL., on Oct. 1. at 7 p.m. There WILL be chocolate! Hope to see everyone there! 

Here’s the blurb:

In this Bolton Brothers novel, Sarah M. Anderson shows how one single mom at a bachelor auction can bring home the wildest ride of her life! 

Jenny Wawasuck knows that “Wild” Billy Bolton is all wrong for a good girl like her. But then she sees the bond Billy forms with her son—and feels how Billy’s touch burns her skin, how his kiss ignites desires she’s long ignored. So she brings him home from the charity bachelor auction. 

Now Billy has one night to stake his claim. But in a world filled with blackmailers and gold diggers, can a millionaire bad boy and a sweet single mom turn one chance into forever?

Here’s where you can buy it:

And here’s what the reviewers are saying!

4 stars! “In Anderson’s latest Bolton Brothers story, fans of hot bad-boy bikers with hearts of gold will get their chance to swoon. Great character development with equally good dialogue and some memorable scenes are just three things to like with this one.”–RT Book Reviews 

4.5 stars! “Sarah M. Anderson delivers once again, providing a great romance with real characters and emotions. I loved Billy’s story, and I’m confident it will remain my favorite in the trilogy. I am curious to  see Bobby’s book. At this point, I can’t stand Bobby, but I am hoping that Anderson will find a way to redeem him, to show more about his character and/or explain why he’s such a sleek jerk….”The Book Queen

4.5 stars! “This book was like a virtual hug. It gave me the warm and fuzzies whilst making me completely content. I loved the characters, I loved the side-stories but most of all, I loved the romance.”-Scorching Book Reviews 

4 stars! “Overall, Bringing Home The Bachelor gave me everything I want out of a romance. It has a smoking hot biker hero with a softer side, a strong and likable heroine and great secondary characters. Sarah M. Anderson is a fairly new author to me. I have loved her Men Of The White Sandy series but never read anything else by her. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read so far and will continue to do so in the future. She has become one of my favorite authors. You can never go wrong with a Sarah M. Anderson romance!”Swept Away by Romance

5 stars! “I loved both Billy and Jenny…Billy is my favorite of the three brothers.  His bad boy exterior actually hides a pretty soft inside that he doesn’t show to anyone.”Susan’s 2013 Reading Blog 

And don’t forget-Expecting a Bolton Baby is coming soon–as in, Nov. 2! 

Can Bobby be redeemed?
I’m betting yes!

I’ll be at the West Co. Mall Barnes & Noble in St. Louis on Nov. 9 for a signing and at the Chesterfield Barnes & Noble on Nov. 10 for a reading. Hope to see everyone there!

Here’s the blurb for Expecting:

In this Bolton Brothers book, first comes the baby…and maybe then comes marriage? 

He’d never expected to see Stella Caine again. After one wild night, she’d walked away—right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton’s career. So Bobby left her alone. 

Until now. 

Now Stella is pregnant and staying in his condo. This is a complication that can be solved only one way: marriage. Bobby wants to do the right thing. Hell, he wants her—has never stopped wanting her. Surely he can convince her to say yes, even without those three little words….

Pre-order Bobby here: Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound  | B & N | other online retailers

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