Critique Template

The Fine Print

site de rencontre guyane 973 This Critique Sheet Template is useful in helping writers learn which areas they should focus their critiques on. The sheet borrows heavily from the Chicago-North RWA chapter's Fire and Ice contest judging form. The template is free for groups or individuals to use with credit to both Sarah M. Anderson and CN-RWA. Thanks!

Critique Sheet

site de rencontre pour professionnel montreal Critique Sheet for:  _____________________________________________
Title: ______________________________________________
Reader: ___________________________________________

jewish speed dating brooklyn ny Scores: 1-10 (optional)
10 = Excellent, ready to submit
9 = Almost there, needs only a little polishing
8/7= Above average, minor corrections needed
6/5 = Average, shows promise
4/3 = Below average, needs work
2/1 = Major problems, author needs better understanding of basic concepts

gay dating websites worldwide viagra gold usa OPENING/HOOK
Does the submission open with a lure and end with a hook? Would you keep reading?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______

Opening/Hook Comments





flagyl costo schedule CHARACTERS
Are the characters interesting (i.e., creatively written and multi-dimensional, sympathetic, with distinct characteristics and histories?)

Rank: (1 to 10) ______






buy l tryptophan CONFLICT
Is there sufficient internal and external conflict to keep the pace moving forward and to sustain a story for the entire manuscript?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______






promote buy zovirax DIALOGUE
Does the dialogue flow naturally and move the story along? Is there an effective mix of dialogue tags, action, and dialogue standing alone?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______







prescription pepcid treat PLOTTING
Is the plot innovative or original, either as a whole or because of a creative internal or external conflict? Does the opening lay the groundwork for the story to play out for then entire length of the novel?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______







mujeres que busquen hombre para matrimonio WRITING
Is point of view clear throughout the submission? Are transitions smooth and easy to follow? Is the writing vivid and evocative, with an easy-to-read style using varied sentence length and structure?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______

WRITING Comments






je cherche femme tlemcen VOICE
Does the writer's voice work well for the subject matter and plotting? Does the author have a unique and/or interesting voice?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______

VOICE Comments





Is the pacing appropriate to the story? Does each scene promote and advance the plot progression? Does the author present necessary plot information (backstory) at relevant locations and in an unobtrusive way?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______

PACING Comments






conocer mujeres aguascalientes DESCRIPTION
Does the writing clearly define the setting and give a good sense of time and place? Does it set the mood effectively using the senses?

Rank: (1 to 10) ______







love to hook up MECHANICS
Is the manuscript free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and formatted according to industry standards?

Rank: (1 to 5) ______







site de rencontre dans l'est de la france READER ENGAGEMENT
How would you rank your "overall" experience reading the piece? Leaving behind the detail of previous scores (including mechanics, etc.) please focus on your experience as a reader.

Rank: (1 to 5) ______